Minecraft PE servers

01. 06. 2023

Minecraft PE servers

There are many platforms that you can play Minecraft. Every platform comes with a different version of Minecraft. Minecraft: Java Edition is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, on the other hand, can be used on a wide range of platforms including mobile, PC and other devices.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition was the original version of Minecraft that was designed for mobile devices. It is now part of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Like every Minecraft version, you can play on single-player or multiplayer servers.

This article will show you how to play on a Minecraft server: Pocket Edition.

How to play on an Online Server in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft can connect to any version. Pocket Edition is no exception. Although most players know how to join an online multiplayer server using Java Edition, it can be difficult to do the same with Pocket Edition.

One of the less popular versions of Minecraft is the Pocket Edition. It is still preferred by some Minecraft players due to its ease of use and the fact that it can be played on mobile devices.