The Best Minecraft maps

12. 25. 2022

The Best Minecraft maps

Are you looking for the best Minecraft custom map to explore? Minecraft is one the most popular games in terms of creating new maps and builds. Creators continue to create amazing worlds for the community to explore and play. It is absurd to see the quality of Minecraft's creations, especially when they are meticulously recreated in fictional worlds.

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These projects are not new, but some of them have been around for years. They allow you to reinvent your game with new scenarios, along with texture packs and modding. You could play Doom in Minecraft or walk around a exact replica of Mondstadt in Genshin Impact. There's plenty to do if you're willing and able to look for it.

There are many good builds that you can look through over the years. With new ones constantly being added, it's difficult to decide which one is worth your time. While some of these builds have been around for a decade or more, others have gone out of style or been replaced by newer creators. We looked at both the old and new Minecraft custom maps and compiled a list worth checking out.

How to install Minecraft maps

The dedicated Minecraft Launcher Java Edition makes it easy to install custom maps in Minecraft. Navigate to “Installations” and hover over any available game build. To open your Minecraft game directory, click the folder icon and locate the “saves”. file should be downloaded for the map that you are going to use. Unzip the folder and save it in your Minecraft “saves”. When you launch Minecraft, the custom map should be visible in the singleplayer world options.

Make sure you know which Minecraft version each map was designed for. Some maps may not work on older versions or newer versions of Minecraft. Below are the recommended versions of each custom map.

Minecraft adventure maps

These are the best Minecraft adventure maps

There are many Minecraft adventure maps, from large standalone adventures to small quests. Here are some of the most recent and greatest, as well as some old favorites. Some of these will lead you on quests that are based on other games. Others will have you embark on entirely new adventures, which were created by their creators.

Doomed: Demons from the Nether

Doomed: Demons from the Nether may be your best choice if you're looking for more terrifying Minecraft maps. Doomed is based on id Software's recent Doom games and features a single-player campaign that spans four levels: Mars (UAC Facility), The Foundry, The Nether, and The Nether. Each level will be completed with an arsenal weapons and abilities. You'll also have to fight bosses and enemies, just like in a Doom game.

PrimOrdial: Drehmal

Drehmal is a massive survival adventure map that has tons of biomes, buildings, cities and dungeons. Because many of the goals were designed for small groups, it is recommended that you play on a small multiplayer server. The game is a huge undertaking with many little surprises along the way.

Blockarina Of Time

Over the years, there have been many attempts to recreate classic Zelda adventure maps. Blockarina Of Time is the latest of these. It includes all the elements of Ocarina Of Time, including the various dungeons and gold skulltula collection, as well as racing horses during its main quest adventure.

Project Zelda

Project Zelda, another recent project, doesn't actually recreate an existing Zelda title. Project Zelda, on the other hand, has familiar sounds, weapons, and puzzles but has its own Zelda-inspired story and dungeons.

Metroid Bounty Hunter

Metroid has been a series that has been severely lacking in recent years and it doesn't seem like that's going to change anytime soon. We have Minecraft and this amazing custom map that is based on the classic series. To earn credits, you will need to battle your way through the hordes using your Arm Cannon. These credits can be used to upgrade your suit, energy tanks, or even your weapons. Being a bounty hunter is not an easy job.

Payday 2: Endgame

They are so clever, aren't they? This custom map features seven playable heists. More than half of them are based on Payday 2 levels. Although it feels strange to commit crimes while playing Minecraft, Steve has been through some tough times. This is a great option for people who enjoy a little co-op, so be sure to check it out.

The Lost Potato

The Lost Potato is another classic Minecraft adventure map. A classic game opening, you wake up in prison and are joined by a piglet whom you must save from being executed. You'll need to do some puzzling, parkour, and other challenges along your quest for the missing potato.


Gloria is an excellent example of adventure map design with innovative use of redstone circuits as a support for its questing system. This map was inspired by Lost. It begins after a shipwreck, and sends you to help the survivors. Then, it heads towards a mysterious facility.

There are many puzzles to solve and battles to fight. It all comes together beautifully with a custom texture pack and new music to play in the background. (Minecraft adventure mapping remains delightfully primitive).

Herobrine's Mansion

Hypixel has created many maps over the years. Herobrine's Mansion, a classic map that uses the legend of Minecraft's hard-to-delete ghost as its basis for a sprawling adventure through an abandoned mansion, is Herobrine's Mansion. You'll find custom weapons, tough mobs and a variety of bosses that are well-tuned. This makes it difficult and you should bring a friend. You can also get the sequel, Herobrine's Return, if you want more.

Adventure Time Adventure Map!

This would have sufficed if it had been a recreation of The Land of Ooo. Adventure Time: Adventure Map takes it a step further with a math challenge through Pendleton Ward's bizarre cartoon world. You'll find heroic quests from various episodes of the show throughout the many missions. The download includes a texture pack to enhance the show's look. It transforms Minecraft into an explorable cartoon filled with colour, fun, and huge candy structures.

The Sunken Island

The Sunken Island is located in the middle the ocean, surrounded with flotsam. So far, so Minecraft. You can find a beautiful island with oceanic waterfalls and a huge mountain if you leave the spawn. Apart from survival, your job is to find portals that will tell the island's story. You can also marvel at the amazing creation.

Minecraft survival maps

The best Minecraft survival maps

Survival was the main goal in Minecraft's early days. Survival becomes an easy task once you have mastered the elements and defeated your enemies. Survival maps on the other hand present new challenges. They place you in unusual and restricted situations to test your survival skills. These maps will test your Minecraft skills.

Planet Impossible

Planet Impossible is a survival game where you must survive for ten consecutive days after your spaceship crashes onto an unknown planet. As you explore this new world, establish a camp and search the map looking for survivors.


SkyBlock is a map which tests your knowledge of Minecraft. It's like, you really do know it. Beyond the superficial stuff, get to the heart of its quirks and idiosyncrasies. The sky is small and three blocks deep. There is a tree and chest on that island. There is also a bucket of hot lava and a block ice in that chest.

It's not much, right? You can build a Nether Portal. You can also craft 10 snow golems and cook 10 fish. You can do it all, but you need to be extra careful not to waste any blocks.

Falling Falling

Minecraft's world generation feature is fascinating. But what if you could be there when everything began to happen? This map is basically the same thing, except that instead of it creating around you, blocks drop from the sky. This means that you need to be aware of the sky when you build your first shelter. This is a fun twist to the traditional survival map that will keep you coming back for more.

Cube Survival

Cube Survival requires you to navigate seven cube biomes in order to find obsidian blocks. After you have completed the challenges and collected obsidian, the final challenge is to build a portal into the Nether.

Birthday Cake Survival

This is a sweet twist on the classic survival island. It's a huge birthday cake made almost entirely from wool. To find other supplies, you'll need to dig into your huge cake. It should be easy!

Minecraft escape maps

The best Minecraft escape maps

Perhaps you are more of a thinker than a fighter. Escape maps for Minecraft require you to use your head to survive, rather than your trusted diamond sword. Although escape rooms maps often use puzzles, they are typically shorter than the adventure maps. These maps will make you scratch your head.

Escape The Library

Escape The Library is a puzzle escape game where you are a treasure hunter and you need to escape from a library called Apocrypha with as many gold blocks possible. You have eight puzzles to solve in order to find as much treasure as possible.

Rainbow Escape

You need another puzzle to keep your brain sharp? Rainbow Escape is a set that includes seven different puzzles. You'll need to solve them all. Once you have beaten the puzzle once, you can return to find the secrets real ending. Mysterious!

Escape Prison

If you have escaped from all the other places on this list, then you may want to try to escape a Minecraft prison. The creator of Escape Prison 2 has created a second escape map that is even more difficult.

Minecraft parkour maps

The best Minecraft parkour maps

Avoid grand quests and puzzles, and focus on survival. The Minecraft parkour maps focus on one skill: jumping. Learn how to leap and sprint your way through these difficult courses to become a true parkour master.

Canyon Jumps

Canyon Jumps is exactly what you would expect from its name. You will be racing along exposed canyon tops during a series time trials. There are 43 challenges available and you can bring as many players as you wish. This will be a chaotic, yet fun, ridge-race that sees players plunge into the canyons below.

Jump Escape

This Portal-inspired Minecraft parkour map lets you navigate through various stages and solve puzzles while moving between levels via an elevator. Jump Escape is short and fun. However, it's single-player so you don't need to have any friends.

Parkour Paradise

Parkour Paradise has a huge map with many jumping challenges. It is truly a paradise for jumpers. It may take you some time to complete all 100 levels. After you have completed this map, you can find many other parkour maps by the same author.

Parkour School

You don't have to be able to speedrun through endless parkour challenges. Why not learn parkour school instead? This map is designed to teach you the basics of Minecraft jumping, before you move on to more difficult maps.

Assassin's Creep

Parkour maps consist of a lot of jumping puzzles. These maps can be either amazing or frustrating, depending on how much you are willing to lose large chunks of progress after mistiming the ladder jump. Assassin's Creep offers a series of linear platforms, but unlike most others, it's a town with many rooftops to clear and spires that you can climb up.

You have to find nine wool blocks from the top towers. There are many hidden feathers throughout the map, just like in the game. To give the game an Altair-like feel, Assassin's Creep includes a custom texture pack.

Minecraft CTM maps

Best Minecraft CTM maps

CTM maps in Minecraft are a subgenre of adventure and puzzle mapping. CTM maps were created to help you find and collect colorful wool blocks that are guarded by different challenges. Once they have been collected, you can bring them back to the central area to create a monument. Many CTM maps offer a mix of combat, parkour, and puzzling. These fun challenges will test your Minecraft skills.

Diversity 3

What makes Diversity such a stunning map? It's because it's so diverse. It's called a CTM (or 'Complete the Monument')–a map that allows you to add blocks to a central sculpture. These blocks are made of coloured wool and can be found at the bottom of each level in Diversity.

These levels can be fully realized challenges and take the form of a unique style of custom maps. There's a Dropper challenge, a parkour course and a survival puzzle. Although they aren't as detailed as a map that is tuned for one style, the breadth and variety of these maps is amazing. It's also a great example of all the map types that the Minecraft community loves. You can download Diversity here.

Super Hostile

Vechs' Super Hostile series consists of a variety of maps that are designed to make Minecraft difficult. It's really, really difficult. Some have limited resources, while others are filled with traps and monsters. You can choose from Canopy Carnage's massive trees to the dimly lit Black Desert. Each map has a unique theme, but they all share one thing: they want to see you die.

Maps custom built for Minecraft

Minecraft's best custom-built maps

Custom maps for Minecraft are not just about amazing builds. Take a look at some of the most amazing maps that you can download, or join via server, to see all the creativity and hard work that builders have put into creating them over the years.

City of Mondstadt

Skyblock Squad was able to recreate Genshin Impact's city, Mondstadt, even though it took more than 400 hours. Although the map is slightly larger than 1:1, it is an impressive reproduction. It features accurate interiors and many details Genshin fan will appreciate. You can even find the Cathedral of Favonius, the iconic windmills and other dramatic landmarks.

Vales of Amoril

Vales of Amoril, a hyper-realistic Minecraft map with thick forests and snow-capped mountains, is stunning. It's no surprise that it took four long months to build. You'll find lakes, hills and rivers throughout the entire site, along with features inspired by real-life geology.


Gaming has an unwritten rule that says “if it can't be built, it'll be made into a Game of Thrones mod.” It was obvious that Minecraft would have its own version George R. R. Martins' often-fatal fantasy. This version is impressive in size and scope. Here's a small sample: The map's recreation King's Landing includes over 2,000 houses.

You can access WesterosCraft through a customized launcher. This will allow you to navigate the vast map. You can then visit the small town that serves as the central hub. It provides server news and build rules, and allows tourists to access many of the most important places in the book/show. You can even sit on top of the Iron Throne. You can even sit on the Iron Throne.

Breath Of The Wild

This amazing recreation of Breath Of The Wild's map can be used as a blank canvas to create your own builds. This map only shows the landscape of BOTW's map. It does not include the cities. You'll also notice that places like Zora's Domain are quite open, which is something you won't see in the actual game. The creator of the map recommends that you play it with your render distance set to a high setting. However, it is well worth it.

Cyberpunk City

Although this glowing, gigantic metropolis was inspired from Cyberpunk 2077's Night City, it is not a complete recreation. Although it is a huge build, it will slow down your computer to a crawl. However, it's well worth the effort just to be able to walk around. You can give it a more beautiful look by using the best Minecraft shaders.

Minecraft Middle Earth

Minecraft Middle Earth is a massive collaborative project that recreates Middle Earth on a server. While you cannot build anything, you can still take a look at the incredible work that has been done.