Usefulness of Axolotls

12. 19. 2022

Usefulness of Axolotls

Axolotls are a favorite mob in Minecraft 1.18. These adorable predators were introduced in the Caves and Cliffs update and became a huge hit. They are more than a cute mob. They can be very helpful if used correctly.

Axolotls, passive mobs, are found only in the Lush Caves biome. They can be bred with tropical fish and can also store in a water bucket. They are not able to be tamed by players, but they can earn the trust of the Axolotls. They can be a friend and help players out of difficult situations underwater.

What is the benefit of Axolotls for Minecraft 1.18 players?

Fighting underwater hostile mobs

Axolotls may be passive towards other players but not towards other mobs. You can see them attacking other underwater mobs, such as fish and squid. They can even attack hostile mobs such as drowned or guardians.

Players can win by creating an army and fighting with hostile mobs.

They prefer to attack hostile mobs than passive ones. They pretend to be dead if they are attacked by hostile mobs for ten seconds, then they regenerate their health and hit them back. They can be used to help players defeat hostile mobs.

Healing players during a fight

These mobs can be used to help the player recover their health while fighting with hostile mobs. Axolotls can apply a regeneration effect on players who fight hostile mobs. They also heal them. Regeneration effects can be applied by each Axolotl for up to 5 seconds, or for as long as 2 minutes.

These mobs can remove mining fatigue by fighting with players, as well as the elder guardians and guardians. This is an extremely useful feature that can protect players from underground fights in Minecraft 1.18.