Where to find every type of seeds in Minecraft

12. 11. 2022

Where to find every type of seeds in Minecraft

Minecraft's world is full of many different kinds of plants. Players are welcomed to the game by lush green landscapes, jungles, and lush vegetation. With the help of seeds, players can also cultivate and grow many edible items.

There are several types of seeds that players can use to grow vegetables and sustain their Minecraft lives. To grow various plants, these seeds can be planted in dirt blocks. All types of seeds are required to farm any type of vegetation.

There are 6 main types of crop seeds. Each one yields different crops and food products. These seeds are available in many places in Minecraft.

Wheat Seeds

Wheat seeds are the most widely used. You can drop wheat seeds by cutting down grass from grass blocks. It is easy, grass can be found anywhere. You can sow wheat seeds to grow wheat. This can be used to tame horses and can also be made into bread.

Melon Seeds

It can be difficult to find Melon seeds in Minecraft, as they are not easily found like wheat seeds. Melon seeds can be dropped by breaking a Melon, which is only possible in the Jungle biome. These can also be found in chest loots and traded with wandering traders. They can also been used to craft from Melon stems or slices.

Pumpkin Seeds

In terms of their availability and growth, pumpkin seeds are very similar to Melon seed. Pumpkin seeds are similar to melon seeds in that they can be obtained from chest loots and trading with wandering traders.

Beetroot seeds

You can find beetroot seeds in Village farms or by picking full-grown beetroots. You can also trade with Wandering traders or get them from chest loots.


Although potatoes aren't exactly seeds, they can be sown in order to produce more. When baked, they are a wonderful source of food. They can be found in chest loot and on village farms. They are rarely found in the corpses of Zombie Villagers, Husks, or dead Zombies.


Carrots can be found in the same areas as Potatoes. You can find them on Village farms, as well as in various chest loots. Rarely, a Zombie, Husk, or Zombie Villager may also be able to drop carrots upon their death. You can ride pigs with carrots.

The ability to grow crops from seeds is essential for survival in Minecraft. Wheat can be used for breeding horses and other animals. Beetroot can also be used to make beetroot soup.

Players can get a lot of food from carrots and potatoes. It is very beneficial to find different seeds.